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Kitty time

Some cats become upset when they see dogs or come into interaction with them, making it difficult for their owners to bring them for a check-up. For that reason, our clinic decided to have time reserved for cats only.


When your pet reaches an advanced age, his/her health may be jeopardised without you noticing it. Early diagnosis and adequate treatment usually help reduce suffering and allow pets at an advanced age to have a normal quality of life. Our clinic has started an 8+ programme. This programme includes systematic check-ups for all pets who…


Unfortunately, oncology is becoming increasingly common in our practice. We try to defeat the malignant diseases by correct diagnosis and effective treatment. Early biopsy FNB (fine needle biopsy) Radical surgery Histopathological analysis Proper use of cytostatic agents Alternative approaches and methods Palliative treatment Pain management


Maternity constitutes a significant part of our practice. We try to assist the creation of a new life using the most advanced methods. Pregnancy assistance (artificial insemination, determination of hormonal status, vaginal smear, semen analysis…) Pregnancy monitoring and maintenance (using ultrasound and laboratory testing) Obstetrics (natural delivery or C-section) All types of puerperium pathology Neonatology


Preventive stomatology (prevention of diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaw)
Conservative dentistry (treatment of tooth substance diseases)
Periodontology (treatment of teeth support structures)
Oral surgery


We offer complete diagnostics and access to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Diagnostic methods include: A complete cardiac examination ECG reading Heart ultrasound Additional tests (biochemistry, heartworm disease test, etc.)

Ultrasound and Radiology

Ultrasound imaging is an important tool for accurate diagnostics. We perform examinations of: Gastrointestinal system Reproductive system Urinary system Cardiovascular system Radiological diagnostics is carried out in cooperation with the leading experts of the Belgrade School for Veterinary Medicine, Department of Radiology.


Our clinic provides laboratory services with fast and reliable diagnostics in cooperation with the largest and best accredited laboratories (VETLab).  


All of our surgical patients are carefully examined to allow for the safe administration of anaesthesia, which is specifically (as well as individually) adapted to each pet.

Internal medicine

Our team is focused on diagnosing and treating: Anaemia and other haematological diseases Acute and chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract Respiratory diseases Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes, thyroid gland disorders, adrenal gland diseases, etc.) Immunological diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, various types of immune deficiency, autoimmune diseases, etc. Infectious diseases (bacterial, fungal, viral,…