Quality pet care

We are inspired by a humane approach to animals. Our aim is to foster empathy and integrity – one physician per one pet. We are not just another veterinary clinic, our goal is to be one of a kind.


We have been treating skin diseases effectively for over a quarter of a century. Proper care and protection of skin…

Internal medicine

Our team is focused on diagnosing and treating: Anaemia and other haematological diseases Acute and chronic disorders of the gastrointestinal…


All of our surgical patients are carefully examined to allow for the safe administration of anaesthesia, which is specifically (as…


Our clinic provides laboratory services with fast and reliable diagnostics in cooperation with the largest and best accredited laboratories (VETLab).…

Ultrasound and Radiology

Ultrasound imaging is an important tool for accurate diagnostics. We perform examinations of: Gastrointestinal system Reproductive system Urinary system Cardiovascular…


We offer complete diagnostics and access to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Diagnostic methods include: A complete cardiac examination ECG…

Medical care

At the Veterinary Clinic Dr Plum, your pet is taken care of as if it were a family member and we undertake complete responsibility for your pet’s health.

Our clinic provides some of the most advanced care and treatment methods available, while also embracing the more traditional ones, so as to provide the most comprehensive medical care to your pet that he or she may need.

Emergency care

Dr Plum Clinic provides emergency care and assistance 24/7.

Should your pet require urgent medical treatment outside the official working hours, contact us at the emergency phone numbers:

+ 381 63 27 39 14

+381 62 82 73 914

+381 11 31 82 233

which are available around-the-clock.

Holistic aproach

The veterinary physicians working at the Dr Plum Clinic practice a holistic approach to treating each and every patient. All alternative medical treatments can both supplement an existing medical treatment or serve as an independent treatment.

  • Homeopathy
  • Ayurvedic medicine
  • Quantum medicine (quantum analyzer)
  • Russian traditional medicine
  • Chinese traditional medicine

Interdisciplinary approach

By collaborating with various experts in related fields, such as animal trainers, behaviourist, nutritionists, we can maintain your pet’s health or improve it.


Where we are

The Dr Plum Veterinary Clinic is located at the business complex at 31 Danila Lekića Španca Street in the Bežanijska Kosa neighbourhood, in the vicinity of the Borislav Pekić Primary School.

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